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4 definitions by Tobi

German word for cumshot into the face
German: Dann war es Zeit für eine Gesichtsbesamug

English: Then it wastime for a Gesichtsbesamung(cumshot into her face)
by Tobi February 20, 2005
German word for a person with an ugly face.
Guenther is a German first name.
German: seine Frundin ist ein Gesichtsguenther

Englich: his girlfriend is a gesichtsguenther
by Tobi February 19, 2005
1.- a small region located between the genatalia and rectal radius of most mammals.

2. - also used as a reference to define characteristics of an individual impared a reality other than the 80's.
After working out at the gym my "hruska" was covered in sweat.
by Tobi December 03, 2004
Yann is a skinny aids Bastard with a big fat tumor in his ugly head
Watch out here comes Yann he is goind to infect us all!!!
by Tobi August 04, 2003