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Is a place where people have nothing better to do then to hurt others and pass STD's around their group of friends like it's going out of style! Majority of people smoke weed and drink and get knocked up. The cops are not much better, they only stop people for traffic violations or pick on youngsters just to pass the time, but make no attempt to stop domestic violence, drug abusers, or child molesters. *Most crimes are not recorded for the public so the City could keep their label of being the Friendliest Town in California... which means most girls who are raped and beaten go unnoticed and never receive justice, which is why a lot of them are knocked up and become labeled as Sluts, They lose all hope and give up*

Every person in Hanford is DYING to get away but for some reason they all fall back into that hole of a city in cali
"Whoa I thought you moved away"

"Yeah I left for vacation, was pulled over for a violation, and got locked up and put on probation."

"yep that's happens A lot here in Hanford."
by Toasty, The Toast Bandit October 07, 2009
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