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The start of the south!!! The place where a lot of people like to visit because of it's history. Virginia was apart of the confederacy, and even though we lost the civil war, we're still proud of what the MAIN reasons of what it stood for (note i said main and slavery was NOT a main reason look it up). Also a place where Northern Virginia thinks is helping out a lot, when in fact it is not. Southern Virginia is a hot spot for the military, "top secret" jobs, and tourism (honestly how many people go to Northern Virginia to NOT go to DC....???) You say you're from Southern Virginia and people know that you know what etiquette is and not just some red neck (like most Northern Virginians say and/or think). Southern belles and gentlemen are of abundance!!! We have country accents and proud of them!!!
1: Hi, where are you from??
2: I'm from Southern Virginia, thank you for asking.
1: Wow, I'm surprised for that "thank you for asking".
2: Doesn't everyone say that??
by Toakase December 01, 2008

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