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monkey of love; friend who spreads happiness and joy to their fellow love monkey and makes them laugh and enjoys their company when they're down in the dumps.AND does not need to have romantically emotional attachments.a love monkey and a gf/bf do not have to be the same person, but they could be.
girl 1- hey, did you know louis is my love monkey?
girl 2- but isnt phillip your boyfriend?
girl 1- yah... but a love monkey and a boyfriend are two seperate things! damn, your stupid.
by to the woah May 14, 2005
A super duper awesome band from plano,tx that kicks ass. This band consists of: Kenny(Guitar), Kyle Midgley(Bass), Joel(Lead vocals), and Alec(Drums).
MINORITY Rox my Sox and U cant do anythang 'bout it biznitch!
by To the woah May 10, 2005
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