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When you've been 'bustin caps' and 'hoo ridin' for months only to realize that the gang lifestyle isn't going to lead anywhere but the cemetery or the state penitentiary. This sudden and strong desire to turn one's life around is known as 'Gang Lifestyle Fatigue' of GLF. GLF usually manifests itself when a gangster finds himself in custody facing 25 to life.
Antoine: Dis gangsta muthafucka sPRAYd dem krip bitchez wit my deuce. Ima rot-gut.

Trey: Yes but don't you think upon further reflection that shooting unknown strangers simply for wearing blue is uncivilized and will lead to the ultimate breakdown of society?

Antoine: Damn nigga u tryin to giv me Gang Lifestyle Fatigue?
by To M Paine October 28, 2009
Little known 'spell' from the Harry Potter universe used by Professor Dumbledore to amuse himself.
Dumbledore: Why Severus, what is the trouble?

Snape: Headmaster, I am again having unclean thoughts regarding the student Hermione.

Dumbledore (shouting and pointing his wand): EJACULARUM PREMATURAE!

Snape: Oh. Great. Thanks.

Dumbledore: Severus, there are some kleenex in the washroom.
by To M Paine October 28, 2009
Book containing essays critical of Sarah Palin with a title very similar to her own biographical barf-fest 'Going Rogue.' Time will tell whether her idiot supporters know how to spell.
Billy Ray: Damn cousin that Sarah Palin is hot. I bet she could fix all these economic messes that socialist Obama made.

Cletus: Yeah I just shoplifted her new book 'Going Rouge.' I'm gonna read it when I learn how.
by To M Paine October 28, 2009
When a taliban is sexing up his lady in afghanistan, and getting all crazy and dirty, and an American laser guided missle explodes exactly on the back of his head, the resulting mess all over the girl is called a 'dirty taliban.'
Najibullah: Ohmygod I love having religiously appropriate doggy style sex with you

Farishta: yes yes yes yes yes

Najibullah: We will have many babies to fight against the accursed unbelieving crusaders...


Farishta: Great. Thirty minutes of screwing and all I get is a Dirty Taliban.
by To M Paine October 28, 2009
A broad term describing a condition wherein a female calls in sick to work the day after a night of strenuously exhausting wild sex (often with multiple partners of varied sexual orientation).
Dude1: I noticed that hot bisexual chick Vicky called in sick today.
Dude2: Yeah I heard she's on vaginal support after attending that LGBT coming-out party.
Dude1: !?
by To M Paine October 27, 2009

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