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A gathering of sorts whereby girls will head out for a 'big night on the town' absent of of any testosterone fueled men. Seemingly a time for females to let their inner 'guuurl' out and go wild among other equally lonely individuals, it serves actually as a disguise for the fact that none of the participants are capable of picking up guys.
Girl 1: "Feeling a bit down in the dumps, Beautiful (I can't get any)"

Girl 2: "Me too (I also can't get any), we should have a Girls Night Out and go crazy, woooo!"

Girl 1: "Oh my god yes! We should go out and let loose (wallow in self pity), just us girlies!!! MENTALL IDEA!!!"

Girl 2: "Amazing! We should call Casandra too, she just got dumped by her boyfriend who told her he only went out with her because he lost a bet. This will TOTALLY cheer her up!"

Girl 1: "Oh totally!"
by To Be Frank March 08, 2012

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