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3 definitions by Tlaloc

A complete fucking douche bag. One who is so full of themselves, they wear their balls on their face.
Person 1: Dude, do you know that Jim Hedican? He is such a ball face. And an assbastard.
by Tlaloc November 13, 2007
A complete and utter dumbass, who is usually so full of themselves they still believe that they are better than you. Hence, they are Fucker Faggots.
Sheen: Dude, you are such a Fucker Faggot!
Fucker Faggot: Yeah, well I'm still better than you!
by Tlaloc November 15, 2007
When you blow a load in a chick's eye and make her go blind temporarily.
Guy: Oh shit! I just gave you a Helen Keller!
by Tlaloc November 13, 2007