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When something someone says or does is TOTALLY asinine, stupid, R-tarded or the like then the Gay Foghorn must be brought out.

You make a hand pulling motion as if you were honking the horn of a semi truck, and make a fog horn sound high to low, "GAAAAAAAAAAYYY-AAAAAAAAAAA"

When a Gay Foghorn is used appropriately the user is bought a drink of their choice by the offender. However, if the Gay Foghorn is used inappropriately, the falsely charged 'offender' is then allowed to have his choice of either giving the abuser (aka user)a cock punch or having a drink bought for him by said abuser.
A couple of dudes are at a bar just chilin having some brewski's. Then a Clay Aiken remix comes on over the speakers and one dude, lets call him Klein, says, "This is totally my jam, lets go dance!" Lunchbox looks at him and says <insert fog horn pulling motion> "GAAAAAAAAAAYYY-AAAAAAAAAAA" Having been given the Gay Foghorn, Klein then understands the error of his ways and retreats inside himself and buys Lunchbox a delicious Caucasian.
by Tjockiss September 29, 2006

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