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1)To ejaculate in a random place, but most of the time on a girl's body, most notably the face. 2)To write on a person's personal belonings with a window marker,or to mildly vandalize referred to as chadoming.
1) Man, this fine girl started to suck me off and i chadomed right in her face. 2) Man, Kiersten surran wrapped my car, so we surran wrapped hers and put porn all over it, she got the ultimate chadoming!
by Tj Brown March 19, 2008
Verb-When a girlfriend, wife, or spouse is mad at their boyfriend, husband, etc. She begins to give him oral sex and stroke his testicles, before the man ejaculates, the women headbutts the man in the penis, more specifically the shaft and then punches the man in the testicles. Hince the name, the banana nutt crunch.
Man, did you hear what Shaquita did to Gonzo? He pissed her off so much, she tricked him into taking his pants off and she gave him a banana nutt crunch, and i ain't talkin' about the cereal.
by Tj Brown March 19, 2008
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