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Moldova not Moldava! It is a Country Between Romania and Ukrain (based on the geographics of 2005). Moldavian People are an ethnic group of people. About 200 D.C. to 1300 years ago the lands today called Moldova and Romanian Moldova were one part of the slavic lands that were called Tivertsi! They spoke the slavic language and were not different from Russians. After years pased the Dacian tribes and Tiverian tribes mixed. From them became the descendants the Moldovans. They speak mostly latin language called Moldavian in Moldova but Romanian in Romania. It is wrong to consider Moldavians as brothers of Romanians. Moldavia existed since 1400's but Romania was the name of the country that United Wallachia and Moldova in 1800's. ( I think 1859).
Stefan Cel Mare was one of the most popular Moldavian Prince.

Never Call a Moldavian a "Romanian".
Not Moldava but Moldova first of all. Moldavian a person with Russian culture and Latin language.
by Tiverits November 14, 2005

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