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Ultimate Fighting Championship
"UFC is becoming the most entertaining semi-sports of today."
by Tito Ortiz October 26, 2003
The perfect response when your assembly line co-worker asks to take a "potty break", only because he or she didn't do it during their regular breaks, and now you are going to have to work twice as hard to cover their ass while they shit on the john.
Worker #1: Hey, I need to take a potty break, okay?

Worker #2: You just had a break 25 minutes ago!

Worker #3: mama papa poopoo peepee.
by Tito Ortiz May 20, 2006
Two fighting sticks connected by a cord or chain.
Bruce Lee made numchux famous in Enter The Dragon and Return Of The Dragon. Then he spun a pair overhead, creating the first human powered helicopter, and flew up to Heaven because God wanted to learn Jeet Kune Do.
by Tito Ortiz May 20, 2006
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