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38 definitions by Tito

money to last you from wednesday till the weekend
chris: wanna get high on tuesday?
tito: nah chill cuz, i need my wednesday money.
chris: I'll pay u back double next week DUDE!
tito: idk man.....
by tito May 03, 2003
The state of being sporky, or having a sporky value.
He had such levels of sporkiness to him that he was the Ultimate Spork.
by Tito May 12, 2004
Another powerful attack (See: thunderkick) of the martial arts variety
tito has only a level 2 double chop
by tito December 30, 2004
A website providing daily Mac content such as reviews, movies, guides, and opinions.
Woah check out the activity on TheMacMind Forums!
by Tito April 03, 2004
A term used to describe a person expressing the traits of a flamer AND a homo, so theyre double time gay.
Solins: eh excuse me i think that ...
Anyone: shut the fuck up u flomo no one likes you.
by Tito July 13, 2003
A powerful attack of the martial arts variety
tito has a level 3 thunderkick
by tito December 30, 2004
Neither a fat or chubby being. Thus so he has become "Fubby" or "Fubz" for short
"Fubz is a very cool & lazy guy"
by Tito September 17, 2003