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1. Tits Per Minute
2. A handy way of measuring the worth of a cinematic piece; one derives this unit by dividing the length of the movie/show by the amount of scantly clad women. One then multiplies the number of women by two to get the Tits Per Minute.
Jamie: Dude!!! In Manswers the TPM was like 22!!! That is truly a great show.

Shane: Yeah, got to love them...
by TitMan69 July 21, 2009
1. A highly guarded and secretive goldmine of one's adult material. Usually referenced in regard to a voluminous and particularly titillating collection.

2. Hooters restaurants.
Jamie (older gentleman): Have you noticed how there are less and less Fort Knockers around.

Shane (older gentleman): Yeah, with the internet now a days people are beginning to abandon the gold standard of porn, choosing to trade in papers and tapes for illicit web sites. I've heard one can get all sorts of diseases from sex, and now, viruses from the internet.

Jamie (older gentleman): Kids these days just don't understand. But alas the world is changing.

Shane (older gentleman): Indeed
by Titman69 July 22, 2009

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