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1. The act of failing miserably on a grand athletic stage, or when the stakes are high. 2. Record-setting failure, usually reserved for college football.
There was an epic example of clemsoning when Clemson hosted Florida State in a highly anticipated football game on October 19, 2013. Clemson was ranked 3rd, while Florida State was ranked 5th. Florida State won the game 51 - 14. Clemson set a NCAA record for margin of defeat by a home team ranked #3 or higher. The 51 points scored by Florida State is the most points ever allowed by a Clemson opponent on Clemson's home field. Most of the home team fans could not take the clemsoning any longer and left the game mid way through the third quarter.
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by Titleist2001 October 20, 2013
The word is derived from the combination of Clemson and embarrassing. Defined as an act performed by a Clemson team or fan of Clemson causing colossal embarrassment for Clemson.
In early June 2013, Clemson launched an investigation to catch the individual who vandalized Howard's Rock. Countless Clemson fans lashed out on Facebook and other social mediums, assuming the vandal was a fan of a rival school (SCAR or UGA). The vandal was caught and he (Micah Rogers) was reported to be a CLEMSON fan...clembarrassing.

Clemson lost the 2012 Orange Bowl by giving up an all-time record 70 points to West Virginia University. The final score, 70 - 33, represents the largest margin of victory in a BCS bowl game. West Virginia is the lowest ranked team to ever win a BCS bowl game. Prior to the game, Clemson's Head Coach, Dabo Swinney, said, "Hopefully when this thing is over, people are going to be talking about the Clemson defense." In addition to the record-setting losing score, 70–33, Clemson conceding an all-time record number of points scored in a quarter (35), half (49) and game (70) in the 109-year history of bowl games. Truly a clembarrassing performance by the team, along with a comments by Swinney, proved to be a clembarrassment!
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by Titleist2001 June 30, 2013
A beer related event considered catastrophic to serious beer drinkers.
Karl approached the bar and requested his favorite, high quality draft beer. The bartender pulled the tap and discovered the keg was empty. The bartender explained they were out of his beer and offered him a Bud Light. Karl thought, "what a beertastrophe!"

Paul was out with friends at their local pub. They were sitting at a table. The smoking hot waitress had just delivered a fresh round of pints for everyone. As Paul stood up to leave the table for the restroom, he accidentally bumped the table, causing six freshly poured pints to spill over. Brian belted out "party foul", but he was quickly corrected when Jim said, "dude, that's a beertastrophe!"
#beer #catastrophe #epic fail #party foul #draft beer #pint #spill #disaster #catastrophic
by Titleist2001 August 17, 2013
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