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When you are performing any type of sex on any person or thing and right befor you are about to finish you run to the closest heroine dealer you can find and infect yourself with AIDS and then finish in the recipient so they than have the newly aquired disease.
- yo sacbreath i was sticking this fine as horse the other day when i went for The Fuckasoreass and gave the bitch AIDS fo lyfe dawg !

- Nice homie!
by Tities McTotfuck November 17, 2007
A man tackles the shit out of a female because of his random boner, and no matter the place or time he fucks the absolute shit out of the woman whether be the "vaggie vag" or the asshole or whatever other hole he could find.
-Tim... it's your mother why are you in jail?

-Oh well i got the raging boner and got arrested while walking by the home of mentally challenged.

by Tities McTotfuck November 17, 2007
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