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Chelsea is defined as one slutty individual who only realizes that she can use her vagina when she reaches the age of 18, but for some reason she never enjoys any of the finger, tongue, or dick that comes in contact to her vagina. After swapping saliva with someone one week she enjoys hopping to the next boy that will give her attention, but soon becomes bored with his "terrible" use of tongue, so then finds another boy in which she says "I wanna fuck you...give me a week and we'll do it" The best part is that she loves to lie about her adventures in bed because she feels that she will be judged by those who listen to her stories.
Boy #1 - Dude..so I just got done fucking Chelsea.
Boy #2 - Uhh..what? Chelsea told me she wanted to fuck....
Boy #1 - Really..? She told me the same thing last week.
by Tiny Tomcat Timmy July 27, 2011

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