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Behaviour associated with Brighton Barons.
"That was very Baronesque of you sir"

"Those Baronesque antics with get you in trouble some day boi"
by Tinmantom May 30, 2007
A generic name given to young persons, (usually students) living in the Brighton & Hove area. These individuals are recognised for thier love of Brighton as well as thier dutty appearence and hedonistic lifestyle.
"I saw a bunch of Barons cotchin on the beach last night"

"You may love Brighton son, but you aint no Baron"

"Those dutty Brighton Barons need to fix-up"
by Tinmantom May 30, 2007
House, Flat, Crib, Pad, Place. Origin; High-Rise appartments, inner city or sub-urban residence.
'Im on my way, but i need to swing by my rise first"

"Were heading back to my rise"
by Tinmantom May 31, 2007
Street name for the drug MDMA. Origin; Brighton, UK. Derives from the wider known "Mandy"; MDMA - Mandy - Nelson Mandela - Nelson.
"Me and the Barons are cotchin at my rise with 8 grams of Nelson and a fresh pack of polos" Brrrappp!
by Tinmantom May 30, 2007

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