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Biggest City in Oregon

Winters are 30-40ish on avg. mix of rain, and sunny/cold days.
Spring is sopping wet
Summer ranges from warm to sweaty balls.
Fall gets wet again.

Most strip clubs per capita than any other city in the US, and strippers get fully naked (o)(o) :D

We are known as the City of Roses...and some dumb politician changed it to "The City that works"...LAME...all residents ignored that, and still call it the City of Roses.

in 2011 Portland Timbers turned pro MLS.
favorite chant: "build a bonfire, build a bonfire, put Seattle up on top, put Vancouver in the middle and we'll burn the whole fucking lot!!!"
Timbers Army is known as the roudiest/loudest/intimidating MLS fans in the nation!

Coffee Drinkers galore, but real friends don't let friends drink Starbucks!!!! fuck their burnt ass coffee beans!

Beer heaven

Lots of recycling goin on!
for pop/beer/water bottles, you have to pay $0.05 deposit during purchase...then later can recycle to get your $0.05 back...but i despise waiting 1hr in a line to redeem $7 worth, so I always leave em for the bums.

Not everything is outdoorsy, like most larger cities there's a plethora of bars, strip clubs (woo-hoo boobies!), night clubs, restaurants, museums, golf courses, movie theaters (including omni-max), the list goes on and on...but i'll stop here.
by Tinkyweed January 29, 2012

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