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21 definitions by Tinkerbell Hilton

Republicanistas are the new batch of younger republican women (read: under 40). Who can match socks, shoes, belts and purses. Oh my.
Meghan McCain has a super cute blogette and is quite the republicanista.
by Tinkerbell Hilton August 11, 2008
65 5
A punishment from your kitty when you either 1. neglect the litter box. 2. leave them unattended for too long.
Armed with a giant supply of paper towels, I am on the hunt for more retalipoo.
by Tinkerbell Hilton April 01, 2009
48 8
People who elect to screw the Weight Watchers point system and make up their own damn rules.
Weight Watchers needs to have an 'Oh Shit' I lost count point system because it's not working as the absinthe and martinis keep flowing. I can only continue with an urban dieting plan!
by Tinkerbell Hilton April 18, 2009
34 3
You take your girlfriend out to a nice urban swanky eatery and feed her martini after martini in the hopes that later she will take off her panties.
I took Kitty out for a pantini Saturday evening.
by Tinkerbell Hilton April 28, 2009
35 10
You're too lazy to walk or run in a 5K walkathon so you organize a cookiethon wherein you and your friends decorate cookies to sell and eat.
We raised over 3G's at the cookiethon last week. It was awesome charity without the exercise part.
by Tinkerbell Hilton April 16, 2009
42 17
A woman with a penchant for wearing faux designer duds and carrying knock-off designer handbags. A faux fashionista.
Everytime I see Salima she's always wearing those awful knock-off Chanel sunglasses with her too big to actually be a Chloe handbag. She's such a fauxista!
by Tinkerbell Hilton June 08, 2009
23 4
During the week you're too busy working and being fabulous in general so you only have time for a weekend romance.
Jack and I are now three months into this wemance and I love it. Escaping out of town every weekend is awesome!
by Tinkerbell Hilton June 05, 2009
19 1