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Juudaimei in Japanese means "The Tenth".

In the series Hitman Reborn Gokudera says this phrase over 520 times in the anime version to Tsuna (The 10th Vongola Family Boss).

This shows how much he respects him.
(Or can be seen as him being obsessed with Tsuna)
Gokudera See's Tsuna:
' Juudaimei !' / ' The Tenth! '

Gokudera talking about or to Tsuna:
' Juudaimei... ' / ' The Tenth... '
by TinaYoshi / 5927 January 15, 2009
Voi a word said by Squalo Superbi in Hitman Reborn
he usually says voi with having the most emphasis on the o part such as: "VOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by TinaYoshi / 5927 January 08, 2009
Started by Colby who refered to my lazyness as tinaness

So if you add a name in front of ness it means that person and lazy.

But tinaness is the original form.
"Your tinaness is affecting me"
"You seem to be affected by tinaness today"
"I'm feeling tinaness!"

With other names:
"Your colbyness is affecting me"
"You seem to be affected by megzyness today"

by TinaYoshi / 5927 January 16, 2009
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