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a dollar store on every corner
candy houses
the ice cream man
crack houses (not my thing, but still goes with the territory)
weed houses
barbecue link house (Cowboy/Eastfield Village)
four year olds that are badder than the
14 year olds
smell of skunk weed on my porch (Okay - not that cool, but still love my hood home just the same)
turnin up your stereo as loud as you want to
The smell of jean Nate' in my bathroom
all bills paid - get your own window unit

Pleasant Grove is off the chain link
like a grey goose drink - - ya heard may?

it's a place where you can see a girl with pink and blue hair, and all of a sudden have a craving for cotton candy
(which is available at the candy house)
fiddy cents!!!

a dog named LaPrada!!

Pleasant Grove is
Hey - - look at that house
it's got bars on the windows, a pit bull in the front yard on a chain, and rims on a Kia - - yo dog this must be what Pleasant Grove is . . . . .
by TinaBadina April 13, 2009

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