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shyam is a stinkey monkey that is very rare and can only be found with tina
just look like a monkey
by tina February 15, 2005
A stuck up, snobby, prep-like bitch.
Usually a cheerleader etc..
Like to make fun of goths, punks or anyone else that isnt 'like them'.
Also: Twinkie
Twinkie girl 1: omg..look at HER
*points to goth,punk,skater etc...*
Twinkie friends: omg! they are sooo uncool
by Tina November 01, 2003
Wsp... a commonplace synonym for any swear word you wish.
Oh my wsp! That wsping guy is wsping wsp.
by Tina March 21, 2005
Question usually posed to an ass clown at a point in a conversation or relationship where the ass clown has grossly exceeded the limits of patience and tolerance in others who were, up until that point, making every effort to engage the ass clown in a civil discussion or relationship and indicating that the ass clown now runs the risk of unleashing a wrath previously withheld. The target of such a question is being informed that they have descended into such utter stupidity that their only possible hope of salvation is the application of a hard piece of a tree to the side of their head (for starters.) The phrase is stated rather than asked to indicate that the ass clown may be in imminent physical peril. Usage of this phrase is similar to bam stick although usually in a calmer tone - such as the phrase "You asked for it."
Asked, as if joking, by President George W. Bush of Senator John Kerry during the second 2004 presidential debate at a point where Bush knew a recent reference to timber would confuse his adversaries.
You WRECKED my car AGAIN? Do you need some wood?
nigga that jacked yo shit needs some wood
BUSH: I own a timber company?
That's news to me.
Need some wood?
by Tina October 14, 2004
Cowboy up
its get tough or mosey on out

Keep up or head for the trails

Hold your horses
or get beat up
Well Texas is the lone star state. It doesnt need anyone else especially no Oklahoma. And for any of yall that are mistaken for George Dubya, he is a damn yankee. Even though he may make mistakes and resided in Texas this is America and we should all still support him. Any true Texan would agree, ah hail what am i sayin hes a damn yankee. lynch him.

The south will rise again
by Tina July 28, 2004
A sentence that only Amanda and Tina are allowed to use. If anyone uses this sentence they will die !
"You Wanna Make-a-Cake ?!"
by Tina April 10, 2004
when a person is actin' a fool.
"man, this bitch is lunchin'."
by Tina December 20, 2004
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