50 definitions by Tina

a name for loser friends who ditch you and act like your invisible.
At the basketball game my friend's were being dipsters.
by Tina February 25, 2005
Having a lot of body hair, in a good way.
He was so soft and furreh, I couldn't keep my hands off him.
by Tina April 30, 2003
TALENTLESS singer whose voice is so crap, strips to sell records, her version of Kiss Kiss sucked, Tarkans version is excellent, so is the Arabic version by Rida and Nina Boutrous(El Bawsi), Holly Valance can not sing, makes some of the worst music, lucky her record company dropped her.
Holly Valance is a talentless stripper.
by Tina February 10, 2005
Somebody who is not extremely good looking. An average person. (Thanks to Family Guy).
"We call you 'normies.'" - Peter Griffin while a member of the Beautiful People Club
by Tina March 22, 2005
black farmer, with an equilvanent inteligent as a guy named Nathan. Very fat and stupidios.
"you stupid foma, didnt i tell you not to milk cows while in a bathtub."
by Tina February 23, 2005
Kansas City slang for weed
Aye nigga, i got that k-town
by tina December 17, 2004
a monkey that is scanky and is blue and is from scaninavian and lives on colfax.
Look at that blue scanky scandinavan mokey. Its sexy.
by Tina September 01, 2003

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