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People of kin. Family. Or close friends.
(Looking at family and friends) "Who are those people?" My kinfolk.
by Tina October 13, 2003
Someone in their teenage years, or who acts very youthful. Sometimes considered immature.
Those high school students are sure acting like a teenster
by Tina October 21, 2003
adjective 1. underwear scrunched up in your butt hole; a wedgie
That girl has a major choo chug, she really needs to pick her butt!
by tina July 03, 2003
Used to describe a man with a very large penis.
His cock must have been a foot long. He was positively manstrous!
by tina January 19, 2003
attention seeker from LIM chat. Beware of this user if you come into contact with her she will probably try and make you feel sorry for her.
Frekkul's is a Moo Shlagg
by Tina December 27, 2004
To swat it up is to work very hard on: homework, extra curricular activities or other unnecessary and good activities. You know if you are swatting, it is somehow fun, but you also get brownie points from someone for doing it.
I am going to swat it up on and attend that conference after work.
by tina July 23, 2004
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