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someone who always seeks wealthy people or those in "high society" as a mate.
The girl going out with that fat guy is a gold digger 'cause he owns krispy kreme.
by TINA March 09, 2005
People that attend the Naval Academy. Usually they are dorky guys with insane GPAs and Class Ranks, but underneath the geeky facade they have the drive, determination, and motivation to buff themselves up in order to protect our country and those they love.
Civilian Guy: I hate midshipmen! They're dorks that take away all the girls.
by tina June 15, 2006
He is a very talented singer and guitarrist, he is part of the band CKY, which is an amazing band, He is a cutie as well
Deron Miller is God
by Tina August 06, 2003
george tayar
A comical character
See example.
Hey, look at that funny kid, what a sharbel! hahahaaaaa
by Tina January 25, 2004
the main attraction at warriors path state park in kingsport tn.
there ,and there, and over here,god damn it bubba stay outta the duck shit it aint to eat
by tina January 07, 2004
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