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10 definitions by Tina Ballance

This is what happens when a person's bras or underpants causes pain and/or discomfort.
Good grief, the bone in my bra is stabbing me in my armpit and my panties are riding up my butt crack, this is the worst kind of foundational assault!!!!!!!
by Tina Ballance June 11, 2008
4 1
After a period of time together, couples become "immune" to each others voices.
After seven years of marriage, John developed voice immunity to Janet.

"Hey John?"
by Tina Ballance March 12, 2008
2 0
The new washington mutual bank ad is whoo hoo! so, when something great happens and you are excited it is a wamu moment.
When I won the lottery it was a wamu moment!
by Tina Ballance April 06, 2008
11 13