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Similair to baby bat
and there goes another spooky kid
by tin July 29, 2004
severe mental retardation called JAMIE (Jack-Ass-Mental-Indeficiency-Effect)
sarah: hey shit head!
jamie: wut, yew tawkin tew meh?
sarah: Yea stupidass, you are a tard!
jamie: errrr yah! ima tard, har har.
sarah: laugh it up dick licker!
jamie: har har har!
by tin December 08, 2003
Foolish, Mad girl. especially for Girl..
stupid girl
like this is stupid girl. we said Ayuma.
by tin February 23, 2005
A house next to a high way that is made of cardboards and tires, where you can feel the breeze when cars pass by
philippinesA country with lots of squaters your one of the two rich or poor
by Tin June 11, 2004
when a girl sits down and her stomach's rolls look like a flat tire
damn look at that fat bitch's flat tire!
by Tin January 26, 2004
slang term for marijuana, esp in northern sydney with the greek and lebanese youth
y'all wanna go smoke some golly
by tin July 29, 2004
Abbreviation- Fag Ass Girl Sasquatch
Monette is a F.A.G.S.
by Tin September 15, 2004

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