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3 definitions by TimothyClover

A Sasquatch that is always giving you crap about everything you do.
Man: "I'm gonna order some ravioli."

Backsasquatch: "Ooh, suure! Don't bother asking me if I wanted ravioli!"
by TimothyClover August 28, 2010
19 3
When you go for weeks being insulted and humiliated, but it doesn't phase you. Then, unexpectedly, you get angry about everything that happened to you previously, and feel like punching something.
Hey, stay away from him, he's having an emotion explosion.
by TimothyClover September 07, 2010
10 1
A phrase used as an excuse to be a big baby.
Person 1: "Why don't you get a job and do something with your life?"

Person 2 "My girlfriend/boyfriend broke up with me! I have a broken heart!"
by TimothyClover September 02, 2010
9 36