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1. To hang out under the pretense of playing a popular video game for the purpose of making out or having passionate, lascivious sex.

2. A euphemism for a furtive romance, usually one centered around hot and dirty sex.

3. A common misspelling of Killing Aliens.
"The two of us cannot join your jovialities, as we are already scheduled to play Halo this evening."

"Where are Matthew and Melissa?" "They're playing Halo."
by Timothy West May 15, 2008
1. To play a popular video game with a friend in platonic fashion.

Usage note: Nescient individuals often refer to this activity erroneously as "playing Halo".
"You want to Kill Aliens later on?" "Yeah, but if we're fighting the Flood, you'd better let me pick up the first shotgun this time."

"Are you guys playing Halo later on?" "No, we're Killing Aliens."
by Timothy West May 16, 2008

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