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Waking up in a strange place after having consumed much alcohol, walking to were your bathroom normaly is, then relieving yourself in an inappropriate area of your hosts house.
Don had the condition earlier. He got trashed last night and crashed on my sofa, woke up in the middle of the night, stumbled into my closet and peed in my shoes.
#blind drunk #stumbling #wasted #blitzed #zoned
by Timothy Trice April 10, 2007
To projectile vomit so forcefully that one must hold his testicles in order to keep them from retreating painfully into the body cavity.
Last night Rick ate at the Waffle House after drinking a bottle of bourbon. When he got back to my apartment he threw up off the balcony so hard his feet were coming off the ground as he held one hand on the rail and the other on his balls. I was a real nutgrabber.
#boot #puke #slash #heave #barf #the technicolor yawn
by timothy trice May 28, 2007
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