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Molkism is a not so well known religion, based on extreame affection for Brian Molko, lead singer of Placebo. (Thereby the name.)
Worship and praise of 'the prettyest' is common with the followers. Wide term, mostly used on hard core Placebo fanatics, who often havn't heard the term themselves.
Copyrighted me, spread fast, and useful when dealing with Placebofans.
There are fans, fanatics, and Molkists.

"Now said fifty 'Hail Brians' and drink five Bloody Marys and you're forgiven'.
(Okey, that one was ment as a joke, but you get the picture.)
I mentioned a Placebo song to Tina the other day. Bad move. She went on and on about the singer for two bloody hours! I never knew she was a Molkist!
#placebo #brian molko #fanatics #the prettyest #molkism
by Timo Wilder August 13, 2006
The glam goth style is a sub to the goth style.
Like the goths they still are, glam goths pefer black over colour, but can allow a little white or even some red or velvet in their wardrobe.
Easily seen as just vain goths, that's also mostly what they are; they look more after the style of their hair, might wear more spikes, more thoughtfully torn chlothes (stupid as it sounds) etc.
Male and female glam goths look a lot alike, but the female might cross towards the gotic lolita look, where as the male easily cross over to the black version of steriotype gay clothing.

I have found that as a glam goth, you are more at war with punks then as a scrap-goth. Or, more precisally, punks are more at war with you.
My friend Jeff keeps going on about how Brian Molko is the only public glam goth.
#goth #glam #brian molko #glamrock #glamgoth #gothic
by Timo Wilder August 13, 2006
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