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A preposterous amount of testosterone. Something incredibly Manly or Hard
Example 1:
"Did you just see those two guys jousting on trail bikes? It's totally Testosterous"

Example 2:
Guy 1: "Wow, that dude just towed a 747 with his teeth, that's one of the most testosterous thing I've ever seen."
by Timmy_222 November 13, 2009
Head Bangers Cramp or HBC is used to define the cramp, stiffness and overall pain felt in the neck and upper back after a gig.
Person 1:"Why did John have to bend over to avaid that flag?"

Person 2:"He went to a Metallica concert last night and has got Head Bangers Cramp something chronic. He wont be able to nod for a couple of days."
by Timmy_222 October 13, 2009
To go absolutely spastic or attack and defeat a large group of opponents singlehandedly as Mel Gibson does in the movie "the patriot" where he kills at least 12 Redcoats in a rage with a tomahawk and a knife.
Example 1.
Guy 1: "Man, who do you think would win out of a fight between Chewie and about 90 stormtroopers?"

Guy 2: "What the fuck? Like you even need to ask. Chewie would obviously go all patriot on their arses and win. I don't think he'd even need weapons, hand to hand."

Example 2.
Man 1: "These guys came up to me and tried to solicit me for sex, I went completely Patriot on them."

2: "I told you this would happen when you wear a dress and stand on a street corner."

Example 3.
1. "That dude stole my drink, im going patriot"
by timmy_222 July 19, 2009
Vietnametal (Pronounced Vietna-metal) is the word used to describe Vietnamese Metal music/bands. Most un-hardcore, many of their songs are simply power ballads. This music cannot be enjoyed by any species except Poison fans, as they are too far gone to realize what the fuck is going on.
Matt: "Hey steve, check out the sweet new music ive gotten hold of, it's Vietnametal."

*Steve throws earphone away in disgust*

Steve: "That is crap, its worse than poison. It's just Asian power ballads!"

*Matt's insides finally begin to melt after continued exposure to Poison.
by Timmy_222 May 25, 2009
A large gathering of stooges (fools). This grouping applies to stooges in the same fashion that there is a murder of crows or a gaggle of Geese.
1. The Liberal party of Australia

2. Davo: "Went to parliament today, there were so many pollies in there it was a total Festival of Stooges."

Bazza: "Yep, couldn't be worse than Shoppo. The stooge to human ratio is tipped way into the balance of stooges.
by Timmy_222 October 01, 2009
A singing orgasm as seen in Young Frankenstein. Usually caused by intercourse with a well hung male. Operatic singing ensues.
Person 1: "How was your date with Johnny last night?"

Person 2: "My god it was great, had a total Oprasm. I was so wound up I sounded like Pavarotti."
by timmy_222 August 24, 2009
When someone smells of a mixture of deoderant and B.O. This generally provides a rather ambivalent reaction as you both love it and are disgusted at the same time.
person 1: "Mmmm, that dude is totally beoderant!"

person 2: "Don't know if i want to hug him or vomit."

person 3: "I'd motorboat that."
by timmy_222 July 06, 2009
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