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2 definitions by TimmyWinton

A young girl known for her tits has great hair and watchez h@nna@h m0nT@nn@ lawlz. Als0o0, hotter than ClAuD. duH. has a fling wid a guy called fuzzy.;)
You know that gurl Anna. What, you mean Da-Rack? Shit she's got big tits. Not as big as Claudia's though.(pheobe wishes)
by TimmyWinton November 12, 2010
A colloquial term used to describe a shower
Gee Claud... gonna go for a Wowzer? A bit on the nose. Carn Phoebs, speak for yerself, you could do with a Wowzer too. Fair dinkum!
by TimmyWinton November 12, 2010