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1. You spend $100 (or more) on alcoholic beverages, then bring 5 ladies to your dorm room. You feel lucky, you're positive you're going to get laid. That is until the ladies drink your whole stash and ditch you, leaving you dry with your hands down your pants.
Ladies: Yeah...uh...we got to use the bathroom...
Unlucky dude: Ok cool, just come back when you're done.
Friend: You dumbass, you just got pablo'd!
by Timmy Thompson January 14, 2006
1. A bit of culture in the middle of meth country (Mt. Pleasant, UT). However, this culture is made up of upper-middle class trash from throughout America.

2. 40% of Wasatchers are carriers of mono, the clap, and/or Mercer Island pubic beetles.

3. A 19 year old senior trolling for 12-13 year old girls is NOT considered perverted, sick, or gross but rather cool and "romantic".

4. You've spent four years of your life tripping on cough syrup and huffing windex. After a few months/a year of community college, you drop out to live with your parents, who soon give you the boot after you snort 500 mg of adderall off the coffee table. A bright future as a freeloader, myspace band member, and/or SLC gutter punk.
Senior #1: So I pound some freshman chick in the butt, bust a load in her eye, then make her suck a mean fart out of my ass. All she wanted in return was a shot of smirnoff!

Senior #2: HAHAHAHAHA! Hella wasatch!
by Timmy Thompson January 11, 2006

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