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a party, held in honor of an ill individual expected to die soon, often a family member
My mother in law has lung cancer so we held a pre-wake with all her family members from around the country.
#vigil #death- vigil #black capsule celebration #farewell banquet #precocious funeral
by timmy t July 29, 2015
n. Large, yet attractive posterior.
see also badonkadonk
J-Lo has a fine ass bootay!
by Timmy T November 13, 2004
suburban white nigger... an ethnically white and culturally american suburban individual that dresses, speaks or acts in such a fashion as to emulate black gangster behavior derogatory
That white kid over there wearing his pants with his boxers half falling out is such a swigger; his parents are on the P.T.A.!
#swiger #swigga #honky #white trash #'' white rapper
by timmy t July 29, 2015
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