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Shoes that were cool for anyone to wear. But it seems that Converse have just became another fad that people will forget about by next summer. Now you see alot less cool people wear converse and alot more faggy emo kidds. I doubt Snoop Dogg would allow this!!!
Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, And Eazy E used to be the ones rockin converse but now just emo kidds.
by Timmy Spurgeon September 21, 2007
Dirty run down neiborhood.
Also A place where posers say they are from for a multitude of reasons. 1 To sound cool. 2 To sound hard. 3 A reason to wear baggy clothes. ETC.
Guy: "hey whats up"
Poser: "Nothin jus trippin in da ghetto"
Guy: "Really what you doing there"
Poser: o nuttin much jus walkin around and kickin it ya kno?"
Guy: Not really that sounds a bit scary..."
Poser: Na this is where i from i aint SCURD!!!!
by Timmy Spurgeon September 21, 2007
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