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an e-mail message sent by a male to another male(s)that has homosexual undertones, either intended or not.
- Chris constantly sent out e-males to his buddies, yet he has still not come out of the closet in person.

- Dude, that was an e-male!
by Timmy PE January 04, 2005
To make a coversation connection only understood by the speaker.
Andy- Dude did you see that girl on Grey's Anatomy last night?
Chris- Ladies love the lawn mower guy.
Andy- What?
Chris- The lawn mower guy from Can't Buy Me Love, he's a doctor on Grey's Anatomy.
Andy- Dude, that was an Andersonian Leap!
by Timmy PE December 19, 2007
a word homosexuals use to describe the act of anal intercourse.
After watching a man JO in the Gold's Gym showers, Chris turned around and took it in the pants.
by Timmy PE January 06, 2005

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