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A series of CDs (Theres 8 of them last time checked) where they get children who most likely don't know what the fuck they're singing.

More often then not, the songs are 2+ octaves too high.
I find it interesting that the song Bolevard of Broken Dreams got on the new CD. It has the word fuck in it...

*note*: Not that I like Bolvrd, but I just think its funny they chose that.
by Timmy J. Fonz July 10, 2005
A good source of protien.
Im'a make a baby shake!

Step 1: Put the Baby/Babies into the blender.
Step 2: Set blender on "Watery Chunks"
Step 3: Drink/Eat/Chew untill compeletly comsumed.

by Timmy J. Fonz September 26, 2005
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