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A term used to suggest a stroking has taken place. To "*dx*" someone is to get the upper hand over said person.
*dx* Yer, Ner..
by Timmy February 07, 2004
Superhero with the fantastic power of arrogance.
Captain Fantastic had an epic battle with King Ramas.
by timmy January 22, 2004
loves giving head, enjoys to play with fire, but then likes to burn the house down, GET OUT AND STAY OUT
cuthead loves the cock
by timmy October 16, 2003
immature person who likes whatching Finding Nemo and spends to much time playing with themself and has disorder with downloading porn
by Timmy September 19, 2003
One who respects and appreciates the Vagina, and for the female body in general.
One who believes in Pussism.
"I will go down on her as only a Pussite can."
by Timmy November 24, 2002
Eating Pussy
Timmy had on a pair of thigh muffs.
by Timmy January 16, 2003
to apply makeup while driving
Jen: It was tragic how Shelley lost her eye while she was farding.
by Timmy May 31, 2004

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