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A poodle who pimps, commenly wears leather.
Wow look at that pimpy poodle, hes so cool.

David: Pimpy poodle is my best friend, he goes to my gimp tea parties.

Beert: Lets have club lunch.

David: I have caviar and butter.
by Timmy January 04, 2005
To be gommy is to be slow, geekish, four-eyed, lethargic and off the ball
Nick is just SO gommy!
by Timmy February 14, 2005
verb. to cover a female's head with a brown paper bag during intercourse.
she's rough: lights out.
really rough: eyes shut.
proper dirt: you kerrang her.
by timmy November 24, 2004
In West London, to refer to the dincer is to refer to a curly haired footballing genius
What a goal from the dincer!!!
by Timmy February 14, 2005
when a "joke" is eaither so stupid gay or completely dragged on or not funny..its just killed....hence killz it
hey guys lets go to the mall...

nah the gall...

nah the store...(killed)
by timmy April 03, 2005
girls who walk up and down the fraternity row looking to give it up to anything with a cock
I fucked 5 ro hos on 28th st today
by Timmy March 26, 2003
as first seen on the Buxton FC forum.1. A device to warm the cheeks.2. To exclaim disbelief.
"Arseplates young man that can not be!"
by Timmy January 25, 2005

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