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Not to be confused with "wop" or without papers, or any type of Italian slur. But W.O.P is an abreaviation for without paper, as in toilet paper to be called a w.o.p is to be told you smell like shit, because you had no toilet paper to wipe your ass with. The word w.o.p is mainly used as an insult between African Americans. The definition orginated in the 1950's and is now almost not used anymore, an extinct insult that will soon be forgotten.
Jordan: Hey Korey you smell terible take a shower.

Korey: Yo dawg leave me alone i am an athlete brotha we alls gotta sweat.

Jordan: Yea but you smell of sweaty balls.

Korey: I'll take a shower when I'm damn well ready.

Jordan: Get your W.O.P ass in the shower before I have you arrested for public indecency.

Melvin: Korey you do reek of pubic hairs, why dont you go ahead and bathe.
#smelly smegal #woopa #woopa junior #woppa supreme #without toilets
by Timmothy May 22, 2006
an old fashion whore who touts her rancid body on interweb boards for the delight of the mentally insane....... also anyone who has a kidney disorder
shes a real PiG
by timmothy June 03, 2003
A term used to put down someone of Italian orgins or just any old "honky". A word originally used in the early 1900's for Italian imigrants. In recent times the word is used to describe a person who is considered a bum or clown. It can also be used to insult a black person who smells terrible or acts white.
Gayvens: "Hey Korey why does your WOP ass take two bio classes?"

Korey: " Yo boy I aint no Wop!"

Me: "Whoa there cowboys (brokeback mountain reference) simmer down now, Korey you are wop and Jordan you'r just plain old gay. Its okay though you guys are both Wops in my books. Chucle chucle, laughs."
#fob fresh off boat #whitey #honky #gayvens #jacobs #b.u.m.s #fool
by Timmothy May 15, 2006
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