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Although no-one knows the exact origin of the flat-brimmed hat style, a majority of speculation notes that african-americans living within lower-class suburbanite neighborhoods, or "ghettos", were the originators of the style.

Dually noted was its representation of struggle arising from poor living conditions within the lower-socioeconomic segment of society.

Unfortunetly, somewhere along the way, "Twats" or "Fake Ass Bitches" stole the iconic style, and began to showcase it throughout middle-class and upper-class societies. Notoriety for this type of "douchebaggery" was taken by most "wiggers", whom still to this day showcase this style amoung their "dirty-ass" peers.

In an ideal world, the flat-brimmed hat would be quashed, and represent a segment of history. However, this would only allow other blatent showcases of "douchebaggery" to take its space.
Look at that kid. I just want to punch him in the lips. Only a fake-ass bitch would wear a stupid flat-brimmed hat.

You are scum, because you wear a flat-brimmed hat.

What a fuckin d-bag.
by Timbur February 25, 2011

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