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An energy boosting drink named after Charlie Sheen. This drink is illegal in nine countries and fourteen states, due to it's side effects. Possible side effects include: death, cancer, many other illneses, chance of everyone hating you, chance of being fired from job, suicidal thoughts, depression.
1.I was suspended from school after being caught with Tiger's Blood-ade. 2.After drinking some Tiger's Blood-ade, I died.
by Timboslice102 April 15, 2011
When you are not looking, and someone "unexpectedly" takes a queef in your applesauce, yogurt, or cottage cheese
My friend and I were hanging out at my house eating applesauce, when I had to go to the bathroom. Once I got back, my applesauce tasted funny. I asked my friend what happened, and he said, "I just made an applequeef."
by Timboslice102 April 15, 2011
A person who has become retarded due to large overdoses of weed and usually dies in a stupid way
Bryan used to be a nice person until he became a weetard. If only he had stayed away from that tricycle he would still be here today.
by Timboslice102 April 15, 2011
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