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An ass attack is when you are feeling completely normal without the feeling of having to take a shit. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere you have to shit and shit BAD!! You pretty much have less than one minute to find a toilet. It can happen anytime or anywhere.
I was standing in my kitchen feeling completely normal making dinner then all of a sudden I had an Ass Attack, so I ran to the bathroom and pulled my pants down just in time to make it in the toilet.
by Tim_M_G February 18, 2009
Stands for Dick Around Nap. It is when you take a nap on the couch, with the lights on, T.V. on, etc... Instead of going to your room and taking a real nap in your bed.
I walked into my house during the day and saw my brother laying on the couch with the T.V. on, so I asked him what he was doing. He replied "I am taking a NAP". I replied with " Why are you dicking around? Why don't you turn the TV off, go to your room, turn the lights off, get into bed, and take a REAL nap....instead of a fucking D.A.N.
by Tim_M_G January 05, 2010

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