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More known as a gun, Holster is the COOLIEST kid on the block, around the block, inside the block, over it, under it, and outside the block. She loves tim and jerm more than she hates animals, and that's a LOT. She comes off as a stunning soft chick, but she can make you shut your mouth if you piss her off. But the most important of all, she's best friends with two kids tht aren't even one millionth of as cool as she is. named Tim and Jerm. If she wasn't in existance, neither would Tim and Jerm. They come as ONE.
Tim: Yo Holster is the $h!+.
Person 1: isn't that a gun?
Jerm: I dunno, chief.
Tim: omg she's the coolest bitch on the planet! If you don't know her then gtfo!
by TimOhTee July 06, 2011

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