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Jhonen Vasquez (Joe-Nen Vass-Kezz)creator of a series of comics particularly popular with people of the underground life style. His popularity tends to stem from the mass amount of homocide inside his comics, rather than the actual story-line, which is excellent in its self. His style of art is incredibly unique, and you won't find alot like it before he became famous(or infamous, shall we say). He is not rather kind to his fans, and states that he has a large amount distain for them, while also seeming to intensly enjoy the attention. Popular with all groups, but more recently a flood of Angsty Teenagers has been ruining it for everyone (what else is new). This was happening before, but the rate of defilation increased due to Invader Zim, which in itself was an excellent show. The blame is the charator GIR, whose antics, while funny, attracted everyone... ESPECIALLY hyper-active preteen girls. Gir was highly humorous, but can get quite annoying when repeated constantly by a adolescent squeaky girl. Interesting enough, the support from these younglings came too late for the show... AFTER it was cancelled.

Johnny the Homocidial Maniac
The Bad Art Collection
Filler Bunny
Everything can be Beaten
Invader Zim
I Feel Sick

Born on September 1st
Is taller then everyone else says he is.
Wears glasses and frequently dyes hair unnatural colors.
Is a known fan of Mindless Self Indulgence, the Industrial-Jungle-Pussy-Punk Band of New York City.
Also known as Mr. Scolex.
Once saved the Pope from Aliens.
Seems not to like his ass being grabbed by ravonous Fan-Girls.
"Omfg! I am liek so0o0o gawthic! I liek Joe-han Vaskwez. Let me cut myself!"- Angsty Teens of America

*Girl throws muffin at Jhonen*
"There's a taste of your own medicine!"- FanGirl
"Yah? Well i want a divorce!"-Mr. Scolex
"Fine, I'll take the house, you get the kids!"- FanGirl
"Whatever, Fan-Girl!"- Mr. Scolex
by Tim-Chang June 29, 2005

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