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3 definitions by Tim Osmond

The better version of popcorn. Not only does it taste better, it pwns too.
Doug: Hey can I have some pop corn?
Brand: I don't have any pop corn, but I do have some Pwn Corn
Doug: Alright!
by Tim Osmond November 28, 2006
A way of describing an act of violence, making it the most extreme case of violence. Can also be a person who's sole existance is hurting people and banging hot chicks.
The Cerl Slap: A method of slapping someone and their head coming clean off.
The Cerl Spin Kick: A method of spin kicking that causes multiple deaths, even if nobody is hit by the kick.
The Upside Down Cerl Latch: A method of being horribly sexually harassed.
by Tim Osmond August 16, 2006
A really good joke that makes people laugh cause it's a really good joke
Tom: Knock knock
Cerl: Who's there?
Tom: Laughy
Cerl: Laughy who?
Tom: Laughy Taffy
Cerl: rly good jk
by Tim Osmond June 22, 2006