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Stockholm Syndrome is the current psychosis befalling white America today. Held hostage by "hip-hop" culture and crafty marketing. Liberal democrats throughout the the '70s and '80s sought to create equality between the races. Given power by other wealthy liberals looking to score points to get into heaven, they have given this country away to people who subsist on hand-outs or are not even citizens, they won without a fight. These cultures now hold us hostage in our own country and our daughters are "mudducks" and sons "wiggers". Thanks Democrats, I guess we move to ??? and start over, enjoy your cream colored grandkids your forefathers would be so proud! Guess there's no wrong side of the tracks when you're laying on them.
Hey, look at Sally Albino over there.
Yeah, she just had a new baby.
Another one?
Yeah, fallout from the last gang turf war, this baby's brown.
Yeah, she looks like a chola this week, shaved her eyebrows and everything.
Looks better on her than cornrows.
What's she gonna do when the Asians show up.
Beat's me, Stockholm Syndrome's a bitch.
by Tim O'Reilly August 28, 2006

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