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The device used to open the iris on the Stargate. By entering a sequence of numbers into the keypad, the device transmits the identification code, or IDC, through the Stargate via radio waves to inform Stargate Command that there are friendly targets incoming.

Upon receiving this signal, the SGC has the choice of either sending a 'go' or 'hold' code back to the GDO. The former indicates that travel to Earth is safe, while the latter indicates that the arriving SG team should hold their position due to some difficulty.

The GDO was referred to earlier as simply a "transmitter". The acronym GDO stands for "Garage Door Opener".
Teams returning through the Stargate to Earth use their GDO to identify themselves as friendly.
by Tim Kedojeh January 19, 2005
A giant orbital facility created by the remaining governments of Earth, to be used as a final weapon against the Leonid Meteor which is the source of the alien Phantom outbreak.

The weapon uses a bioetheric laser several times larger from conventional medical lasers to blast into the crater, effectively destroying all Phantoms that reside within.
The Zeus Cannon is a proven, effective weapon; it will kill Phantoms.
by Tim Kedojeh January 19, 2005
The souls of individuals from an alien world which was destroyed. These beings resided on the Leonid Meteor, which landed on Earth in the early half of the twenty-first century.

The race was effectively destroyed by the release of a counteracting bioetheric wave.
You've come in contact with a Phantom, sir, please remain calm.
by Tim Kedojeh January 19, 2005
Acronym for identification code.
Are we receiving an IDC?
by Tim Kedojeh January 19, 2005

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