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A form of government where the candidate is elected by popular vote but rarely or never actually enacts any policies that reflect the actual wishes of the constituency. The elected representative can either use subtle diplomacy to deflect criticsm, arrange for various forms of distraction to divert public attention, or be brazen in publicly declaring that policy will be different to popular opinion. Coined by Tim Francis in 2005.
The United States Federal Goverment's track record in regards to foreign policy and engaging military conflict could lead one to the conclusion that it has evolved into a democratic dictatorship. The same could be said for both the Federal Australian and UK governments to some extent, particularly in relation to Iraq and the Kyoto Agreement.
by Tim Francis May 10, 2007
Short for "2 pies short of a grand final". An Australian coloquialism referring to impaired or reduced mental capacity. Slightly crazy or stupid, not "all there". Derived from the custom of selling meat pies to the crowd during half time of a football match. Does not refer to being drunk or psycho.
"Watch him, mate, he's 2 pies short".
by Tim Francis May 10, 2007
A person who wears garments decorated with corporate logos, or slogans. The logo can be either the manufacturer or designer of the garment, or a sponsor (eg sports event sponsor). On a deeper level it refers to someone who feels that they must advertise their income level or taste in clothes in an obvious way to gain peer approval. Also refers to someone who unwittingly engages in the act of advertising by wearing such garments.
Wearing tracksuits or baseball caps with company logos, bags with the name of the designer printed on them. 'The human billboards thronged around the pit area like dancing biped TV ads.'
by Tim Francis May 10, 2007
The ability to behave or express oneself within a set of socially or politically set parameters while simultaneously perceiving oneself to be free of any such parameters. Coined by Tim Francis in May 2007.
Virtual freedom is a very popular philosophy in the United States. Political correctness is a symptom of virtual freedom.
by Tim Francis May 10, 2007
noun. Indoctrination. The process of self-indoctrination to the point where one believes ones own propaganda or hype.
Forehead badger: a person who believes their own hype, typically middle and upper corporate management, prominent politicians, dictators, etc. Coined by Tim Francis May 2007.
Hitler's forehead badging was the most thorough example of the 20th Century.
by Tim Francis May 10, 2007
A person who percieves propaganda or hyperbole to be true or factual. A person who has faith in such. Coined by Tim Francis May 2007
People who attend election campaigns and cheer could be considered hype groupies.
by Tim Francis May 10, 2007

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